Best what you can do to understand is starting to read each blogger from the beginning... There are 3 key-roleplayers... Praatjesmaker analyses Belgian politics and media; BragMaster does worldpolitics and media; KingOfArts tells stories... It is a an interactive 'game' on worldscale and everyone can be a player... Have fun and enjoy ! ;) x

No Déjà vus Mr Cruise ?


Listen to how this brilliant comedian summarises your entire career in a few lines... :)


Soccer !


What a spectacular World Championship ! :)


The lowlands seem to demonstrate the world how soccer is played ! ;)


The Belgian team got away in time...




Voting beyond boundaries...


I saw people wear yellow and I saw people wear red.


Interesting to see the difference between the ones that read me and the ones that read me.


Wouldn't it be cool if we just could wear a color during a certain period, to express approval or disapproval about a subject ?


De RoltrapAffaire...




We might rediscover what was forgotten through disasters and time...


Zeg het met een vlagje !


Samen van overal ten lande

Engeltjes en 'onzichtbare' handen

Als één blok achter het doel

Wat een duivels goed gevoel !


Hell Yeah !


Nog nooit zoveel Belgische Vlaggen gezien in de straten !

Uns !


Ich wollte auch ein kleines Gedicht machen

Im Deutsch die dritte Reichste Sprache ! :)

Jedes mal wird mein Herz gefüllt mit frohe

Wann ich fahre durch unsere Ostkantone !


Vielleicht könnte ich besser verhausen



Zo magnifiek

Mon Belgique

Wees altijd puur

Mélange de cultures


Bekroon dit avontuur

Peuple du futur

Verdedigers der driekleur

Nos chers gladiateurs


Misschien kijken d'Engeltjes wel ?

Purple ! :)


Seems to me, the wolf of the world agreed with the white flag... Thank you ! x


Dear Mr President, thank you for your invitation on my local radio ! (déjà-vu)


Monday, what a wonderful world !


I observed and listened to the birds that were playing around in the sunny and green garden, felt a breeze and the sun on my skin, smelled the air and the scent of a rose that I gave away from the heart.



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